Phoebe Bly

I grew up in Maine during the 70’s, in a tiny log cabin that my parents built by hand. We lived in the woods without running water or electricity. Although I felt like a freak in a small town that had a skeptical eye for the new wave of "back to the landers", I developed a huge appreciation for nature in all its forms and moods that has stayed with me.
Later, when I began teaching myself to paint, nature was still a big inspiration, although there’s usually a human influence visible because this is the world we live in. While nature is rarely purely transcendent, it’s beautiful and worthy of our attention and love as it is.
l will only paint things that move me in a visceral way. What I "think" about them has no bearing, and l have nothing to say. My only hope is that the paintings convey the love and awe I have for the world.